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Preview: Returning To Its Roots In Lost Planet 3

Preview: Going Back To The Roots In Lost Planet 3

Recently I got the chance to playtest the upcoming Lost Planet 3, a prequel to both Lost Planet 1 and 2. Returning to its series roots with the snow filled environments on the planet of E.D.N. III, you step into the boots of Jim Peyton, a colonist working for NEVEC who has been sent to the planet to help with terraforming for human life in the hope to make some money to support his family back home on Earth. So how does this game differ to its predecessors?

At the event I got to sample a few chapters from the main game and some of the Multiplayer options, I'll start with the single player as that seems to be the area with the most changes.

This game is all about the beards
Lost Planet 3 makes a welcome return to the single player experience, focusing more on the story much like the original rather than the co-op action of the second game. You play as Jim, who as previously mentioned, works for NEVEC who are terraforming the planet from its harsh icy conditions, into something more hospitable. Jim is there to dig out minerals to be sent back to Earth as well as help install Thermal Stations which can heat up the areas around them. You go about this by piloting a Rig, a huge mech equipped with drills for digging and claws for heavy lifting, these replace the series staple of VS Units which were used more for combat.

Check out those claws! One for grabbin' one for stabbin'
From the chapters I played, the grappling hook which was used so effectively in Lost Planet 1 and 2 is not utilized as much, only being used as a winch to get you in and out of your Rig which is a shame as Lost Planet 2 especially, used the grappling hook so well.

Once again, the Akrid return as your main resistance to your mining efforts, creatures ranging from small plant like beings to huge bugs that tower over Jim, when you come up against a beasts you can jump into your Rig to fight back, although not really designed for heavy combat, these tend to be instances where you grab an enemy to subdue it, then leap out and give it a shot or two in its vulnerable spots until you either kill it or ward it away.

Get the glowy bits!
Switching over to the multiplayer, I got to sample two different game types, of which I expect there are plenty more to be revealed. Both game types included team based combat with objectives thrown into the mix. First one was a TDM (Team Death Match) set in large arenas, one team attacking and the other defending. First my team was tasked with placing a bomb near a generator whereas the other team had to defend the point and disarm the bomb if it was set. After we planted it and waited for the explosion, our next objective was to secure a package and then it was simply a case of getting it back to the extraction point which was across the map. Naturally we did this and victory was ours but more importantly… mine! Teamwork is pretty necessary in this mode as a bunch of lone wolves has no chance of stopping a powerhouse squad.

The other TDM game involved a huge drill on wheels which was trying to ruin our Snow Pirate base, our task was to shoot it enough to damage it so it would halt in its track and then try and stop the NEVEC team from repairing it. I wasn't sure what they were trying to drill for but we managed to hold them off until the time limit ran out but up till that point, it was a pretty intense battle. The VS’s from LP 1 and LP2 showed their faces and the losing team would get reinforcements in the form of a walking battle tank. Viewpoint switches from 3rd to first person while you pilot one of these which really helps immerse you into the feeling of actually controlling the mech unit.

Come get some!
The second game type involved the Akrid, a large creature. Players on both teams work in unison to take down the giant beast and then once it's down, the gloves are off and teams go at it to score the most thermal energy and ultimately, the win! This game type also featured VS’s to help take down the Akrid and then secure the loot.

Overall I've been impressed with what Lost Planet 3 has to offer so far and I'm looking forward to the game’s release on August 30th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

Have a different opinion on the game? Do you agree with what I said? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet me - @ChaosRiotZero

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